The Fathers Love

As many I accepted Christ at a young age. It wasn’t until college where I truly devoted my life to Christ. As with all humans struggles were still evident and life wasn’t perfect.

My family went through hell and back in 2017 and it was in that year God made himself so known. I told myself that my relationship with God has to be one hundred percent real. I can’t be half in a half out. God spoke and breathed life into me last year and since then he has been more real to me than ever before. Yes I am human and I am not perfect but I have a perfect God who constantly shows love and grace towards me.

Currently I am trying to  practice silence and solitude and trying to hear God through the stillness and quietness of everyday life. It is something that has proven to be harder than ever before. Nevertheless, it is something I know my soul needs. It longs for a fervent love relationship with the Lord. That is what I am trying to do. See God as not just some distant being that controls everything and has no time for me, but a father longing to know his child.

That feeling…a father longing to connect with his children, wanting to invest in their lives. Is something I didn’t know. To set aside time to talk, listen, advise. This is one of my favorite traits of God. The more that last year dragged on the more I was exposed to what kind of father God is. Its’s funny, I had to go through what seemed to be the hardest season of life to find out God was there waiting for me to run to him.

The fathers love is still and patient. At the same time it’s furious and unrelenting.

A small piece of advice to anyone who is going through a season in your life. Great or not. Is take a step back, and call upon him. He’ll answer and believe me it is the best.

Rudy Jasso